World Ventures in China mainland

WV are on a real recruiting drive on the mainland and boy, there are a lot of….suckers….who are very keen to make money. The system is all the same with an upfront fee etc.etc. The main issue is the con. And how they recruit, and as there are so many available, WV will make a fortune for themselves. A country which has been isolated for a very long time and now open, generally has a population that wants to travel….they are also becoming richer which enables travel, however passports and visas are not easily available. No mention of this at their seminars, and there are lots of them and at a cost.

I have a problem with WV as I am an Australian with a business in China. I know the struggles that the less fortunate workers have and it sickens me to see WV taking advantage of these younger dreamers. Sure I want them to dream, but dont scam these hard working individuals. If only the Chinese government could step in.